Covid 19資源

The novel coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of every citizen in Frederick. We all hope that 2021 will bring relief to our city, county, nation, and the world--but if we are going to find that relief and begin to heal from this crisis, each of us must continue wearing our masks, practicing social distancing, staying home when we feel sick, and doing our best to care for our bodies and minds. I have every confidence in the strength and resilience of the people of Frederick to support each other through the end of this crisis and work together to recover and restore our lives and our livelihoods. 

This campaign is committed to conducting its business and in the safest way possible. When door-knocking activities begin later in the year, all volunteers will be instructed to follow a COVID-19 protocol while outdoors, including wearing a face mask at all times, and remaining at least six feet away from residents during any interaction. 

Stay informed with current news and guidelines using these quick links to important local, county, and national resources: